domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009


This is the first time that you don't believe me
and now, it is the first time that the people ask to me
what should I be?
And when you left me, I saw your crying eyes
I try to look for the answers, but you don't want that
you talked me about the trees, and how much the leaves are green
and I told you in this place, that I want to stay here forever
Your smile make the day more brilliant
the sun are greeting us on that moment
so I love you today, but you don't agree
Those words turned me a split wall
I want to break her, but I can't
I love you today, because I'm not sure about tomorrow
Nobody is
Did you really want to leave me?

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  2. amando oblog, mt legaal msm *--*
    dá uma passadinha no meu, se puder seguir seria legal *--*